Donald B. Beere  |  Retired


          Artist/Abstract Photography
My childhood exposure to art began to show itself in my photography about 30 years ago.  My mother was an excellent artist -- who sculpted, threw pots, and worked with oils, acrylics and watercolors.  She would often talk to me about what she was working on.  My youngest sister has been a professional artist: an outstanding professional glazed-tile artisan throughout her life.  Her work can be found at  

I focused on nature photography for the first 15 years. A few of these can been seen below and in my facebook page.That work has been juried into shows. Over the next 15 years, my "eye" changed. Today I do what I call "Abstract Photography."  I have begun to photograph shapes, patterns and juxtapositions.  A few of these can also be seen below and in my facebook page.