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Time, Space, & Knowledge
I was deeply impacted by Tarthang Tulku's (1977)  book, TSK: Time, Space & Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality, Dharma Publishing: Berkeley, CA.  Tarthang Tulku is a Tibetan Lama of the Nyingma tradition and states that this book is not Buddhism but presents a new way to understand experience.  It includes 34 exercises to help the reader experience what the text presents.  My own view is that the book integrates the quintessence of Buddhism with Western science and philosophy, presenting them all in a new light.

The book addresses some of my abiding interests: Buddhism, philosophy of mind, experience-itself, meditation, and science, as well as psychology.  Since I have bachelor's degrees in both physics and philosophy, I was enthralled by how they came together in the book.  

During my sabbatical leave (spring,1979), I wrote a book chapter that linked phenomenology to the ideas presented in TSK.  (R. Moon & S. Randall (Eds.), (1980). Dimensions of thought: Current explorations in Time, Space and Knowledge (Vol. II), (pp.95-134). Berkeley: Dharma Publishing.)  In 1980 and 1981, I was able to arrange through CMU to have to two TSK experts lead workshops for the university community.  I designed a graduate course, Non-traditional Therapeutic Techniques, that used TSK as the main text and Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) as an ancillary text.  I taught this course regularly for about 20 years until I retired.  

Over the years, from 1980 to 2004, I contributed four more book chapters to three different Dharma Publishing books that were collections of chapters
exploring TSK written by diverse scholars. One of my students did his dissertation testing the applicability of TSK to personal change.  I wrote an additional book chapter about that dissertation and its implications.  In 1997, I was invited to present at a conference at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, CA.