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Push & Cloud Hands

Rubber bands & Fan thru Back

Pull Down & Repulse Monkey

Brush Knee, Push Palm & High Pat on Horse

Review Classes 1&2

2nd Review Classes 1 & 2

Review FanThruBack & WardOff,RollBack,Press, Neutralize,Push

Contnued Review FanThruBack & WardOff,RollBack,Press, Neutralize,Push

Review WardOff, RollBack, Press, Neutralize, Push. New: PullDown and Turn

Pull Down and Turn

Review plus Brush Knee and Push Palm

Review; Elbow Stroke Shoulder Stroke; Grasp Bird's Tail

Review & Emphasis on Grasp Bird's Tail

Review, Brush Knee, Push and Play Guitar

Review, Brush Knee, Push and Play Guitar Again

Review, Brush Knee and Play Guitar a third time

Review a fourth time

Review & Practice: Fan thru the Back, Pull Down and Turn, Brush Knee and Push and Play Guitar, Ward off, Roll Back, Press, Neutralize, Push, Elbow Stroke, Shoulder Stoke

Review, New warm up, last movement in First Part

Worked on last movement in First Part, some Review

Last movement of the first part, Thirteen postures, Chi Kung warm ups

Continued on last two movements, practiced complete form, chi kung warm ups, more

Chi Kung warm ups, last movement and closing movement of the form

Chi kung warm ups, last and closing movements, and the start of the form

Chi Kung warm ups, First part through Grasp Bird's Tail.

Chi Kung, Single Whip, Wild Goose, Elbow Stroke, Shoulder Stroke

Chi Kung, Reviewed last class and added Ward Off, Push Palm, and Stork Cools Wings

Chi Kung, Ward Off, Stork Cools Wings, and Brush Knee, Push and Play Guitar

Chi Kung, Pull Down, Deflect Downward, Apparent Close Up, and Closing Movement

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TaiJi (Tai Chi)

I started learning TaiJi in 1975 from Hubert H. Lui. Beginning in 1978, I coordinated 21 annual TaiJi workshops (from two to five days long) led by three TaiJi Masters: “Al” Chung-liang Huang (author of the classic, Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain, Real People Press, Moab, UT, 1973) (, Dr. Zaiwen Shen (a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and of Physiology), and Hubert H. Lui (author with Horowitz and Kimmelman of T'ai Chi Ch'uan: The Technique of Power, Chicago Review Press, Chicago, 1976).

Prior to my retirement, I was invited to lead or teach TaiJi at 11 workshops, and I taught TaiJi as a regular credit-bearing course at Central Michigan Univerity. 

I also learned TaiJi for Arthritis from Dr. Paul Lam, an Australian Family Physician, and author of many books and developer of many instructional DVDs. (  I have been a Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor and taught it to students at the St. Elizabeth Hospital's Holistic Health Center in Edgewood, KY., where, for 4 years, I also taught the Five Elements, the Five Precious Jewels and Mr. Lui's Short Form.

A most propitious result of the 21 annual workshops and classes is that there are now many TaiJi teachers and classes in Michigan, and TaiJi masters are still leading regular workshops in the state near Mt. Pleasant.  Cloud Hands Michigan is a group that blossomed from the 15 years Mr. Lui led his workshops

When I began learning TaiJi, it was almost unknown in this country. Forty years later, most people have heard about it. It is a wonderful and challenging practice.  Most recently, research has begun to show that Tai Chi is helpful for balance, arthritis and other health problems. The Chinese extol its virtue for maintaining health.

I began teaching TaiJi at the Ethical Society of St. Louis in November 2015. Before the pandemic classes met on Tuesdays at 5:15 pm in the Hanke Room. Everyone was welcome. Participants do not have to be members. We asked for at most a $5 donation to support the society. Currently classes are held through Zoom, Fridays at 10 a.m. Central time. They are free.  Go to this link to join the class: Zoom link for Tai Chi.

Enter the following meeting code to join the class

384 422 5785

The calendar can be found at   

Updated Mar 4 2022

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