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WalWalking Videoking Tai Chi Style 

These pages provide guidance for walking Tai Chi style. 

There are many kinds of Tai Chi walking, often a based on a specific school of Tai Chi, of which there are many. I do a variety of walking practices. Here I am going to give  instructions for an easily accessed approach. It involves folding Tai Chi principles into everyday walking.  

Try this introductory practice, and, then proceed trhough the ten lessons you can access with the links on this page.


Walk naturally.


The first challenge: pay attention to walking.


Let it be natural and unaffected by your attention.


When walking becomes tense, awkward, or unnatural, notice how that happens. If possible, let it go.


Fold your attention into your walking the way tea seeps into water.



Here are links for additional guidance.

1. Walking with awareness

2. Tai Chi walking and Central Equilibrium

3. Shifting weight and swinging arms

3a. Walking in place

4. Connecting limbs

5. Gliding the torso

6. Rooting

7. Rooting while walking

8. Rotation of the limbs
9. Limbs swing in a gentle arc

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