Donald B. Beere







Tai Chi 





I've done many things so far during my adult years . . . and now, in retirement, I am excited to discover what will unfold. So far during my life, I have been:

A university professor

A practicing psychologist

A researcher

A phenomenological philosopher

A scholar writing about and teaching Time, Space and Knowledge 

A TaiJi (Tai Chi) student and teacher

An artist

A novelist. Blue Sky, Deadly Secrets: A psychological thriller  Find it on Amazon, Kobo eBook, Barnes & Nobel, Nook book and elsewhere. I just finished the first book in a Science Fiction Trilogy called the Interstellar Quandary. Book one is titled Interstellar King which I hope to have out in 2023. 

The Fall of 2022 is my last hurrah as a psycholgist. I  have a book chapter in THE definitive book, Dissociaiton and the Dissociative Disorders: Past, Present and Furture (2023), edited by Dorahy, Gold and O'Neil. The chapter summarizes my years of research on dissociation and my Perceptual Theory of Dissociation. From what I can devine, it is the only theory that has been tested using rigorous hypothesis testing.

On a more personal note, I have been married for 54 years, have two adult children and six grandchildren.

Updated Sep 26  2022.