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Tai Chi classes meet Friday mornings at 9am CST, through the Ethical Society Zoom,  ID 395 547 1091. All are welcome and there is no charge. The classes on Sep 22 and 29 emphasize the basics and, on the 29th, we did seated practice.

All the Tai Chi classes since the beginning of the pandemic are free to use and available here.  The most recent class is available on the Tai Chi page.


The first book in my science fiction trilogy, Interstellar King, is back from the editor. I have sent it out for review by agents and hope to hear back. I've begun to map out what I'll write for the second book, Interstellar Colony.


I've done many things so far during my adult years . . . and now, in retirement, I am excited to discover what will unfold. So far during my life, I have been:

A university professor

A practicing psychologist

A researcher

A phenomenological philosopher

A scholar writing about and teaching Time, Space and Knowledge 

A TaiJi (Tai Chi) student and teacher

An artist

A novelist. Blue Sky, Deadly Secrets: A psychological thriller  Find it on Amazon, Kobo eBook, Barnes & Nobel, Nook book and elsewhere. I just finished the first book in a Science Fiction Trilogy called the Interstellar Quandary. Book one is titled Interstellar King which I hope to have out in 2024. 

The Fall of 2022 was my last hurrah as a psycholgist. I  wrote a book chapter for THE definitive book, Dissociaiton and the Dissociative Disorders: Past, Present and Furture (2023), edited by Dorahy, Gold and O'Neil. The chapter summarizes my years of research on dissociation and my Perceptual Theory of Dissociation. From what I can devine, it is the only theory that has been tested using rigorous hypothesis testing.

On a more personal note, I have been married for 55 years, have two adult children and six grandchildren.

Updated Feb 9 2024.